Thursday, November 30, 2017

Make an intention and let the universe fulfill your desire

When you wake up, and before you set your feet on the ground give thanks for your life.
Your grateful heart will open doors to all other blessings that are waiting to come your way!

Sit up or lay in inclined position. Make a clear intention for the day and let go.
Take a deep breath in, hold it for a moment
and exhale deeply, releasing the whole breadth out, count 1
Repeat this deep breathing technique for the count of 10

If at anytime during the day, you feel overwhelmed or anxious
Refocus on your intention and 
Repeat the deep breathing 10 times

Don't pray or beg the God/Universe to make things happen 
Trust that the universe is already following your command
 that you put our in your intention 
Let the universe fulfill your desire! 

Enjoy the blessings! 


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Monday, November 13, 2017

Women need to support each other

I had the pleasure of having dinner with three wonderful women tonight. It is a great meal and we shared some fun and some horrific stories. All in all we were grateful that we were in a good place now where we can pamper ourselves after a long day of hard work. We also remembered and prayed for the women who are somewhere cooking for someone while they are afraid of the people they are cooking for. We know that to be the fact somewhere because we use to be those women.

Even though I have lived a life, been though a lot and I believe I have learned how to LIVE, I am still amazed when I hear how the trusting women are taken advantage of everyday. These women are left with nothing after they have given their lives to the families and especially the guys they loved and trusted.

I am ashamed to admit that even me, even now, sometimes come so close to making mistakes because of the trust factor. People almost demand me to trust them instead of earning my trust. Thank God, I have a wonderful support system around me and I am not afraid of asking for advise and help.

Yes ladies, if you look there are as many angels around us as are demons. We just have to learn how to decifer which is which. Before trusting anyone else, learn to trust yourself. Trust your inner voice, that is your best advisor. If it does not feel right, don't jump into it. It is your right and your responsiblity to look out for yourself. Take care of yourself.

If it is not FUN, don't do it. You heart will always be on your side. Listen to it. If it questions something, ask the question out loud. Make sure you get your answers to your satisfaction before you take any decision.  Seek advise from people you know and trust and then weigh it out yourself. It has to feel good to you! Dont' let anyone push you into anything that you do not feel comfortable with.

I heard so many stories of real women (our friends) who did not listen to advise and to their own hearts and trusted the wrong person for too long. And in the end, they are alone and broke.
Make sure it is not you! YOU ARE SMART! BE KIND TO YOURSELF! TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF AND NEVER FEEL BAD ABOUT IT. It is called SELFCARE! Love yourself so taking care of yourself feels right and good! It takes time, believe me it will happpen.
I LOVE myself!

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