Sunday, October 20, 2019

Inspiration walk on Sunday morning !

Working on a Sunday: why not???  Of course I had to start my day with morning inspirational walk on the beach with baby Nina and Rahul. Thanks for great talk Rahul beta. Love you!

Sunday is as good a day as any to make things happen!!

Love loving and love making things happen. I am always learning and always growing. The day I stop growing is the day I will be ready to die. As someone told me once. “You will have enough time to sleep when you are dead.” So till then I plan on continuing to be progressive. I am a consumer, and I am a producer. The producer part of me is the happiest part of me.

I am going on and moving forward with every day and every moment of the beautiful life that I have been granted .  Thank you Universe...!!

Wednesday, September 4, 2019



I was at work today while my son Rahul was in a car accident. While driving down our hill, he slipped off gravel and drove into a cement block. He did not call me because for one he did not want to disturb me during my photo shoot and secondly he thought (he told me later), I might yell at him and blame him for damaging the car and he would be in trouble. 

I only found out about the accident because I got a text from AAA that they were at my house to pick up the car. Of course I right away called him, that is when he very hesitatingly told me that he ran into the cement bolder and the car is pretty badly damaged. He had to walk back up the hill to call AAA. He had to tow away the car to the closest gas station because it was not drivable. I assumed he was okay, and I feel bad now remembering that I didn't even ask him if he was okay. All I said was, okay I will call you as soon as I am done. I could clearly hear the fear and shame in his voice but I didn’t say anything to reassure him. 

I called him as soon as I finished my shoot.  He told me where he had sent the car. I told him I was going to stop by and see the damages for myself before the auto repair or insurance takes over so I could make informed decisions about the repair and quotes for repair. I was horrified to see how bad the car was damaged. Part of the front bumper was missing. The tire was completely flat and damaged. The car was not drivable. The mechanic told me that the electric wires were cut from the impact. At that time, I sensed the intensity of the impact that may have had on my son. 

I took some pictures of the car and called him again.  Asked him if he wanted anything. He said no. I knew by now he is just dreading to face me when I get home. I picked up some Chinese dinner and came home. My little puppy Nina was as usual waiting for me. I picked her up and she kissed me all over. I was happy to see her. Rahul still did not make a sound. He did not say Hi Mama, as he usually does when he is home. So, for the first time, I asked him how he was. He said Hi,  in a low voice and apologized for the accident. I didn’t get upset and told him I was glad he was okay. He thanked me for not being upset at him. He said he was afraid that I would be upset and he didn’t want to stress me out. I told him that I would not be upset at him. It could happen to anyone and we all have gone through similar unfortunate accidents. I was just glad that it wasn’t worse and that he was okay. That is when he told me how bad the impact of the sudden accident was on him physically. His hand was hurting a lot and has back and shoulders were hurting too. 

As I am writing this blog, I am realizing how often we take our loved ones for granted. We miss to tell them how much we love them and how important they are to us. I feel horrible for not telling him that earlier when I first called him, and I let him spend 3-4 hours thinking the worst of me, someone that he has to fear. I hope all my children know that for me, nothing is more important than their love and lives.

I love you beta Rahul, Kunal and Ritika. I love you too Nina. I am so happy to have you in my life. I am blessed to be your mom!

Saturday, June 1, 2019

Healing from Domestic Abuse

Healing from Abuse with “Unreported” Author Veera Mahajan

Healing from Abuse with “Unreported” Learning to Live Free” Author Veera Mahajan is the topic of today’s story, as we lightly touch on how domestic abuse starts, why the abused person allows it to continue, and how one can better overcome it.
Healing from abuse is a journey for some that is long and difficult. For some, it sadly is a day that never comes. Today, Veera Mahajan, author of “Unreported: Learning to Live Free,” discusses here for the readers of NewsBlaze, the importance of that journey, and how her work can help others make the shift; helping to facilitate the day for the healing from abuse to actually begin.

Healing from Abuse with "Unreported" Author Veera Mahajan 1
Veera Mahajan; Author of “Unreported: Learning to Live Free.” Photo Credit: Yasmeeneh Rossi.

About Veera Mahajan
Cultured, charming, and strong yet kind; Veera Mahajan practices what she preaches. As reported in Hollywood Sentinel, “Highly praised Author, Mediator, and Public Speaker; Veera Mahajan is one of Malibu’s most active and important leaders. The intelligent, beautiful woman is also the author of the critically acclaimed book “Unreported: Learning to LIVE Free,” about recognizing and overcoming domestic abuse, and stopping domestic violence before it begins. Veera Mahajan is also a highly praised Educator, Mediator, and Publisher, having created and published the landmark publication “Malibu Chronicle.”
As noted earlier on NewsBlaze, signs to look for as detailed by “UNREPORTED: Learning to Live Free” author Veera Mahajan, that are worth repeating, are the following:
Veera did an exclusive interview with The Hollywood Sentinel recently, and the following text and audio below is an excerpt of that educational discussion, concerning how to improve one’s life, and escape abuse.

veera black and white
Image: “Unreported” Author Veera Mahajan; stopping domestic violence. Photo Credit; Michael Cimorelli, all rights reserved.

Hollywood Sentinel: If you could go back in time and tell yourself the best advice you could, when you were in abusive situations, what would you tell yourself?
Veera Mahajan: I would take a stand and stop the first time someone was abusive to me and not let it go any further than that. I needed to believe that I deserved better, but I was never taught that. No one ever taught me that I was supposed to be respected all the time. Now I know. I wish I knew it then!
I only survived – not really lived, and I hated being hurt, and asked not be hurt, but I never knew that it was my job to make sure no one is disrespectful to me – ever! Not even once. Letting it happen once simply gives the abuser permission for them to abuse again the next time, and then the next time. I needed to put a stop to it when it started.
Hollywood Sentinel: That’s so true, and great that you have become aware of this and now teach this to so many others. Regarding “Unreported: Learning to Live Free,” what feeling do you get after people have read your book and share their comments with you?
unreported learning to live
Veera Mahajan: It is very fulfilling really. I hope I am doing something good to help someone get out of a difficult and especially an abusive situation. When I hear that my book has helped someone see the light, and has helped them make the hard decision, it makes my work worthwhile. It encourages me to keep doing more.
Hollywood Sentinel: That’s great. Do you have plans to publish any other books? If so, when and about what?
Veera Mahajan: I am also a mediator. So I am planning to write a book on the purpose and benefits of mediation. It seems like a lot of people still do not understand how that works and how much time, money, and heartache it can save.
I am also planning to make an online course on “How to Be Your Own Mediator.” In this course, I will teach how to live your daily life conflict-free, or at least be able to see the aspect of a conflict and be able to handle it in a better way. I want to help people learn how to live a peaceful and drama free life.
Hollywood Sentinel: That’s beautiful, that’s really great that you have devoted your life to this path. People need this! It is so important.
In the audio interview here below for The Hollywood Sentinel, conducted exclusively for NewsBlaze, Veera discusses how she started the Malibu Chronicle, why she chose to publish “Unreported: Learning to Live Free,” and the importance of leaving an abusive relationship, among more.
Listen here:
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“UNREPORTED; Learning to LIVE Free” author Veera Mahajan states, as reported earlier inNews Blaze“Since the very beginning, we are made to feel bad about taking care of ourselves. We are told it is selfish if we think about our own happiness. So we learn to take care of other people, and when we don’t get the care back, we start building resentment. We expect people we care about to care about us, and when we don’t get it, we are disappointed and hate it. Hate makes us fight and be mean to each other. We expect less than respect because we don’t love ourselves enough to believe that we deserve the best.”
Veera adds, as earlier reported on NBC News; “It is important to be optimistic most of the time. When you or anyone is working hard and smart towards any goal, and you have setbacks on the way, it is good to stay optimistic and not give up. You learn from your mistake of what not to do, and what to do next time until you reach your goal.”

veera new
Veera Mahajan; Author of “Unreported: Learning to Live Free.” Photo Credit: Yasmeeneh Rossi.

Veera also states, “We do not need to scream, fight, and hit to make our point. When we scream at our children or hit them, I think we are frustrated at our own failure at the ability to communicate. If we teach our children to love themselves, they will have better expectations from their relationships.” – Veera Mahajan; Author of “Unreported: Learning to Live Free”
Good Physical Health Improves Good Mental Health
As reported earlier on ABC News, Veera further states, “Taking care of your physical self lets you see positive results. Once you learn that positive things happen with healthy habits, it teaches you to build a healthy and positive attitude towards everything else you do in life. So, I think to maintain a positive attitude; maintain a healthy body. It takes a positive self-image and positive mental attitude to maintain good physical health.”
Contact Veera Mahajan for coaching, and more, below:
Order Veera’s book through Amazon here:
unreported learning to live
“Unreported: Learning to Live Free” Official Website:
Veera Mahajan Official LinkedIn:
Veera Mahajan, Official Website:
Press / Media: To schedule an interview with Veera Mahajan, and for all lecture bookings, please contact: (+1) 310-226-7176

Sunday, March 3, 2019

So happy that my book UNREPORTED is helping someone !

So excited to start my day today 3-3-19 with this note from Sharlene from England. Thanks for reading my book #UNREPORTED. Please read the note she put on the cover to send it back to me!! Happy birthday to my mom! She would have been 83 today!

Thursday, November 30, 2017

Make an intention and let the universe fulfill your desire

When you wake up, and before you set your feet on the ground give thanks for your life.
Your grateful heart will open doors to all other blessings that are waiting to come your way!

Sit up or lay in inclined position. Make a clear intention for the day and let go.
Take a deep breath in, hold it for a moment
and exhale deeply, releasing the whole breadth out, count 1
Repeat this deep breathing technique for the count of 10

If at anytime during the day, you feel overwhelmed or anxious
Refocus on your intention and 
Repeat the deep breathing 10 times

Don't pray or beg the God/Universe to make things happen 
Trust that the universe is already following your command
 that you put our in your intention 
Let the universe fulfill your desire! 

Enjoy the blessings! 


Please check out the book on amazon

Monday, November 13, 2017

Women need to support each other

I had the pleasure of having dinner with three wonderful women tonight. It is a great meal and we shared some fun and some horrific stories. All in all we were grateful that we were in a good place now where we can pamper ourselves after a long day of hard work. We also remembered and prayed for the women who are somewhere cooking for someone while they are afraid of the people they are cooking for. We know that to be the fact somewhere because we use to be those women.

Even though I have lived a life, been though a lot and I believe I have learned how to LIVE, I am still amazed when I hear how the trusting women are taken advantage of everyday. These women are left with nothing after they have given their lives to the families and especially the guys they loved and trusted.

I am ashamed to admit that even me, even now, sometimes come so close to making mistakes because of the trust factor. People almost demand me to trust them instead of earning my trust. Thank God, I have a wonderful support system around me and I am not afraid of asking for advise and help.

Yes ladies, if you look there are as many angels around us as are demons. We just have to learn how to decifer which is which. Before trusting anyone else, learn to trust yourself. Trust your inner voice, that is your best advisor. If it does not feel right, don't jump into it. It is your right and your responsiblity to look out for yourself. Take care of yourself.

If it is not FUN, don't do it. You heart will always be on your side. Listen to it. If it questions something, ask the question out loud. Make sure you get your answers to your satisfaction before you take any decision.  Seek advise from people you know and trust and then weigh it out yourself. It has to feel good to you! Dont' let anyone push you into anything that you do not feel comfortable with.

I heard so many stories of real women (our friends) who did not listen to advise and to their own hearts and trusted the wrong person for too long. And in the end, they are alone and broke.
Make sure it is not you! YOU ARE SMART! BE KIND TO YOURSELF! TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF AND NEVER FEEL BAD ABOUT IT. It is called SELFCARE! Love yourself so taking care of yourself feels right and good! It takes time, believe me it will happpen.
I LOVE myself!

please look up the book on amazon