Friday, February 26, 2021

Could “Domestic Harmony” be the new Normal? A better future for our children!

Could "Domestic Harmony" be the new Normal?

A Better future for our children!

Tuesday, November 10, 2020

Question #1: Do you know what kind of relationship you are in? Do you really know the truth? - If you are free to make decisions without someone’s approval and have no fear, congratulations! you are in a good relationship. But, if you always have to run your ideas or dreams by someone else for approval and if you are afraid to do anything just because you want to do it, you are in an unhealthy relationship. You have to face the truth. If you fear your partner’s temper and/or his attitude towards you is disrespectful and controlling, you may be living in an abusive relationship. Question #2. If you know the truth about your relationship and it is not good, you are hurting physically and/or emotionally, what are you doing about it? Do you just want a band aid or are you going to fix it for good? - To learn why it hurts and how to fix it for good, please click the link here to download the guide book, UNREPORTED and/or DM me. You can also email me for a free consultation session. To learn more, please visit

Tuesday, June 9, 2020

George Floyd will murdered by Policeman Derek Chauvin. Stop making excuses. Start making Changes.

Derek Chauvin kneeling on Floyd's neck, not for a movie shoot or a photo op but was an actual brutal killing of a man by another man in uniform. The world witnessed George Floyd walking and then then losing his life under the knee if a man who abused the power of his uniform and killed a man publicly in broad day light. What gave him the right, the power, the courage and that confidence that he could do that to another human being. I keep hearing people like Candace Owen who think everyone is calling George Floyd a martyr, a hero a good man when he was a very flawed man and had a mile long criminal record. And they think it is wrong to call him a great man when he wasn’t. They are saying that BLM should not be talking about his death as a BLM agenda. But the facts are he was Black and the guy in the Picture above is White. Protesters are not only talking about BLM, we are also talking about inequality, injustice and police brutality. No one is saying Police only be nice to Blacks and violent to other races including whites. No one is asking for equality in police brutality so the police should be brutal to all races equally, instead The protesters are asking for stopping of police brutality period. Yes, Candace Owen in her Facebook speech (distancing herself from drug infected, criminal blacks) Is clearly not happy with BLM supporters who may be calling George Floyd martyr, I don’t have anything against that. I agree he is not a martyr but It upsets me and I will not accept that a cop could and ever would again kill/hurt another man (any color) in that brutal/ humiliating manner because George Floyd died a horrible death at the hands of a Cop who was in fact white and from the pic above you can see no remorse or caution in his demeanor as he is sitting with his knee on George Floyd’s neck. He showed no regard to Human Life. And I believe the protestors are calling that a final draw because this white cop did kill George in a racially motivated abuse of power. 
Maybe he thought he should get away with it and hopefully he is proven wrong and the death/killing of George Floyd will become the catalyst for an overdue change. Yes, George did not live a good life but still no human being deserves to die his death. George Floyd, in his death is coming to good use for and improvement of humanity so I acknowledge him. How many of all these people who are putting him down and confusing the message have done anything good to uplift another person. I think George was blessed to have his name, his existence to be used for the larger good!! He in his death has hopefully made up for all the wrongs that he did while he was alive. 
I believe that he may not have chosen to be a perfect man while he was alive, the universal goodness chose to use him to invoke the moral goodness in the world. 
There is a higher power that knew more and had a plan for what he came in this world for and I think this was the purpose of George Floyd’s life. He was doing what ever he was doing all his life for 46 years to be available and present in this last moment of his life. He was supposed to lose his life in a way that will wake up the world, and he did. In the end he/his name will become the angel of change. He did not have to do anything for it. He had to be born and be there for dying a brutal death to prove undeniable inequality and injustice. That is what I have to say on the subject. Good or bad, George Floyd will be remembered in history. He is making a difference. What have these complainers done to leave this world in a better place? #georgefloydđŸ™đŸŸ #injustice #inequality #policebrutality 

Sunday, April 26, 2020

Kunal & Rahul's Love stories during Covid-19

Love stories in the middle of #COVID-19. 

I am so happy for my son Kunal and Ritika because even though they are stuck in a small apartment in #NYC, they are together. I love hearing their loving stories of working out together, cooking and learning poker and wine tasting online. Grateful that they have each other and they are #together!! 
I feel sad for my son Rahul and Jessica. It was heartbreaking when Jessica told me today that her head and heart is hurting. Because of #Coronavirus, Rahul and Jessica are stuck far apart, Jessica in #France and Rahul in #Malibu. I hear them miss each other.  

Couple weeks ago Rahul proposed to Jessica online and she said yes! They are engaged but can’t celebrate. Don’t worry #BeyoncĂ© , He is waiting to put the ring on her finger. Happy that they have each other to share love and loving feelings!  

Wish both my boys and their girls the best of love and life!