Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Keeping an open heart and L.I.V.E.

Life is pretty amazing! As I stay open to life, I realize there are more opportunities coming my way. I accept the opportunities with open arms and gratitude, and jump in to feel the experience even when I sometimes feel like I may not be prepared. 

I believe all things happen for a reason and at the correct time, so if this opportunity is coming to me at this time, I must be ready enough to be there at this time. I am always willing and ready to learn, so I feel comfortable enough to get started and learn as I go. For
some reason or maybe for that reason, I usually come out okay. I’m not afraid of opportunities when they sound good and feel good.  The same is true about meeting new people in my life. I am open to meeting new people. New people introduce me to more new people, and something good always comes out of it whether it’s a good time, a great experience or both.

The more I experience life and the more I learn, the more I want to experience and learn. Life has been good and is good. I’m excited about this journey that keeps taking me through wonderful experiences and brings wonderful people into my life. I am blessed to have very good friends that I share my work and life with. 

Best of all, I’m blessed to have amazing relationships with my two sons Kunal and Rahul.  It makes me overjoyed when I see them happy and living their dreams. I am looking forward to welcoming my new daughter-in-law, Ritika into my already amazing and fulfilling life.  

All this is possible because I decided to LIVE my life. Learning to L.I.V.E. is a beautiful journey!    

L.I.V.E. represents the ideas and beliefs that sustain me and are vital to my happiness. I LOVE myself. I INSIST on freedom. I am not anyone’s VICTIM. I am EMPOWERED to live my life the way I like it.


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Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Keep your eyes on the road and hands on the steering wheel

There are so many ‘crazies’ driving on the same roads you are.  So, if you want to get to your next appointment or home safely, make sure you have your eyes on the road at all times and both hands on the steering wheel. You cannot afford to be distracted by text messages or the beautiful views of the Pacific Ocean while you drive on Pacific Coast Highway or through the beautiful canyons of Malibu.

Today as I was driving on Malibu Canyon, a really impatient and crazy driver in the lane going in the opposite direction decided to pass four cars and sped up, coming right at me. If I had not been completely alert and able to quickly slow down so he could swerve back into his lane in front of the other cars, we would have crashed head on. We were only a split second away from being mangled.  I could barely catch a breath as this crazy driver screeched past me. Almost immediately, a motorcyclist suddenly came from behind me, sped into the oncoming traffic, and then cut in front of me at a very high speed. I felt like I was in a car chase game trying to save my car from crashing at any moment. And all this was happening on one of the most beautiful and dangerous canyon roads, Malibu Canyon.  A crash there can easily throw you over the cliff and hundreds of feet down into the canyon. The chance of surviving that fall is slim. If you are lucky enough not to die, you will probably end up badly broken while setting off a brush fire.

Driving recklessly to save 5 minutes could cost the reckless driver’s life, and as they go to their fate, they might take other innocent drivers and passengers with them.  Please think, what is being five minutes late compared to never getting there?  So, people, please drive carefully when you are on these busy roads and canyons. Take a few extra minutes and reach your destinations safely, and let others reach home safely too.

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Our Choices Make Our Lives

I have a wish and I know what I want 
I sent my wish to the Universe at play  
I trust the Universe to know better than me, 
About what I need and how to send it my way. 

The Universe blesses me with opportunities 
It is my job to think and weigh the prize 
Do they make sense? Do they make me happy?
I even consult my close confidants and my soul  
For counsel and advise.

I contemplate the pros and cons
Is this option good for me?
Could it hurt me? Could it hurt someone else?
Am I happy in this moment?

I have to make choices at every moment
Through my choices I decide the direction of my ways
I can decide to be selfish and try to satiate the mind now
Or listen to the soul for the bigger picture 
And do what is good for all. 

I like to be happy and live in-joy, so I
Stay positive and get out of my own way
At least I will have a great experience 
Learn something to create a chain of good experiences 
Use what I learn to have a better LIFE!


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