Tuesday, August 23, 2016

You Have to Follow Your Gut

You have to follow your gut feeing even if you’re not completely sure how it might turn out. It might work out the way you expect or hope or it may go totally opposite of what you want to happen. If you have done all your homework and still everything you see is going wrong you have to take action.  At the time the only thing you can count on is your inner voice and follow the path it guides you to. Hold your ground and keep marching forward.  Make sure you don’t base your life decisions on advice from people who don’t have to deal with the consequences.  Once you make a decision you have to also be prepared to accept the results.  That is why always, always trust your first gut instinct. If you feel something is wrong, it usually is.  Deep down you already know the truth.

Remember, your first instinct is usually right. Once you know in your gut you are doing the right thing, never apologize for trusting your intuition. Your brain can play tricks your heart can blind, but your gut is always right. Our gut feeling is the closest thing we have in life to a road map.  It’s good to follow your heart and your gut but make sure you bring your brain with you.  Do your homework and get the facts right before acting.  Sometimes you have to stop thinking too much and just go where your heart takes you. You have to follow your gut.

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

I am enjoying the journey to L.I.V.E. free….

I LOVE myself, I INSIST on freedom, I am not anyone’s VICTIM, I am EMPOWERED to live my life the way I like it.  

My book “UNREPORTED” made No. I International Bestseller!!

I am so excited and grateful and feel so blessed to have my work of love in my book “UNREPORTED” ranked No. 1 International Bestseller in the US, Canada, Australia and # 7 in UK. 

It took my whole life to learn about domestic abuse, and the last 6 years to really understand why I had to go through it and what my purpose would be in this world. 

I have no regrets. I know what abuse is.  I know how it feels and I know that no one deserve to feel like that. I am sure and strong enough now that not only can I protect myself but I have built enough knowledge, empathy and skills to know that I am prepared to help others when I see someone suffering in an abusive situation. 

As my son so profoundly reminded me just a couple of days ago, no matter how much I want to help and
no matter how much it hurts me to see someone putting up with abuse or living in it, I cannot help unless that someone wants help or is ready to be helped. So, my job right now is to increase awareness about the cancer that an abusive relationship can be. My book UNREPORTED brings awareness to this subject and lets you know that when you are ready to break the cycle, there is help and you can escape.

Today I am living a life which proves there can be an amazing life after.  We just need to have courage to go find it. 

Please learn to L.I.V.E. that free life.