Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Good News! Starting a new food service for our homeless community

There is very good news for those of us concerned about hunger in Malibu. Currently there two homeless dinners here, at Malibu Methodist,, and no more food resource. People go hungry.

Reverend Paul Elder has come up with a simple and wonderful plan to mitigate this. He is at the library at Civic Center, Monday through Friday at 11:30 AM to see that lunch is available. He needs people who will bring food for 20, utensils, and cleanup. If possible, he hopes people will commit to a monthly, or weekly lunch donation. It can be only one day or it can be random. Weekends are fine too but Paul wont be there. Ideally it wont be necessary for him to be there all weekdays, as people take responsibility.

It can be very simple, simply picking up sufficient sandwiches, tacos, burgers, etc. or creating a great soup, many possibilities(see below). 

Please call and/or email Paul at:

Starting a new service for our homeless community.

Name: CART Lunch Service

When: Every day if food is available

What time: 11:30

Where: Malibu Courthouse (Library) 

What is needed: To start pick a day and date you want to be the host, starting tomorrow.
                           Once a week, once a month, or your choice 

What you have to provide:

Lunch for 20 people (to start)

Suggestions: Soup and Bread 
                      Hot dogs
                      Water or other beverage
                      (Keep it simple. No 3 course meals, please)

 Plates, bowls, cups, cutlery, napkins, trash bags, kitchen paper towel, (serving gloves will be supplied)

If you want to participate or ask questions call, text or email me. I will be making a roster, which will be emailed, to you.

All I can tell you is:  I took lunch last week and it was so nice to bring food for about 20 homeless people. If we can have a few families commit to this wonderful cause, we can make sure our homeless can at least and one meal a day.

I am taking lunch again on the 15th. If someone wants to help me serve or just go with me, please let me know.


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